Sunday, September 30, 2012


How to Make a Collage Like Your a Natural 

(even if you have no idea what your doing).

So, I am not a collage person. I cannot envision what goes where, what I want out of it, or even what to use in it, but my friend Harriet is just absolutely amazing at them without even trying. So my motto for this is WWHD (What would Harriet do). I created a collage using items that I found around my house and that everyone would have easy access to. So if you are terrible at coming up with collages, this is the tutorial for you!!

-Mod Podge (Gloss was used in this one and it looks really good)
- Paintbrush
-Hot glue/gun
-Beads, broken jewelry
-A canvas, or something else to put all this stuff on!

Step One: Cut out a bunch of little squares from the newspaper. I  used the show section and used many different sizes. The bigger the size the faster. 
Step Two: Begin adding the newspaper on by painting on a thin layer of mod podge to where your are going to add the first piece. 

Step Three: Place the piece of newspaper onto the wet Mod podge. Don't forget to cover the sides! Once you place it on, Paint over it with a thin layer of mod podge.
 Step Four: Continue to completely cover all showing sides of the canvas.
 Step Five: Now take a large Sharpie and draw something simple but repetitive in the corner, I drew a flower. If your a good drawer then great, go draw something cool in the corner!
 Step Six: I found some beads I haven't used in my room, so I gathered those. I also found a lone earring and a pendant that used to be on a necklace. These can all be used!
 Step Six: Get some hot glue and glue on your beads! I outlined  bolded word and glued the rest in a group of three at the bottom.
 Step Seven: I decided to add on some more sharpie so I outlined the picture and signed my name in the top left.

Step Eight: Now I found some feathers and I decided to glue them into the corner and It added some color to it!

Step Nine: Now I just need something to fill in the extra space, So I decided to make dotted lines using staples. So take that long rectangle of staples and break it up.

Step Ten: Now hot glue the staples on. I made little lines come out of my main line so it ties in the whole collage!

Alright, Now we have a collage that looks like we knew what we were doing. If  you make one please send it in or send us a link to it! we would love to see it and no doubt there will be better ones than this!! Anyway, share, leave a comment, tell us how we are doing or better yet, tell your friends to check us out! Haha good luck making this project!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Here are 10 Awesome Tutorials you HAVE to try!!!!

So my college courses turned out to be quite consuming, so here is a quick post to keep all you readers busy :)

#1.) Foam Print Making (Ps I thought this was just the last picture but Heres the tutorial too!)
Make sure to check out the blog as well :)

#7.) Wire Ring

#8.) Lamp Shade

And Last but not least....

#10.) Light Box

Im going to make that last one tomorrow so I can take more amazing pictures for my etsy shop!!! Let me know if you guys make any of these!