Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jewelry Holder

Alright, so I made one of these years ago and I still have it and it is just the most PERFECT thing ever! My mom wanted one for her closet so I decided to do a tutorial as I made it for her! So, if you are a girl, and have tons of jewelry laying around and want a better way to hang it up, you may enjoy this tutorial!

Supplies needed:
- A Picture frame (Proportional to the amount of jewelry you have)
-String or ribbon to hang it
3.75 Mesh Blank Rug Canvas ( for latch hooking)
- A stir stick from lowes (usually free)
- Spray Paint
- hooks
- hot glue/ gun 

Step 1:

Spray Paint your canvas and stick with the color of your choice.

Step 2:

As those dry, Take the string that you chose and tie it on each end of the picture frame. Double knot it to make sure that it wont fall!

Step 3: 

Hot glue the stick to the picture frame leaving some space at the bottom. 

Step 4: 

Cut the canvas to size then hot glue the perimeter to the picture frame and the stick.

Step 5: 

Hot glue those hooks on. I put some on the stick and some on the actual picture frame.

Step 6:

Put all your jewelry on and enjoy your new organization!

You can modify this by using a larger picture frame, adding more sticks for more bracelets, more hooks for more necklaces, you can even glue a little box at the side for studs and rings. The possibilities are endless, send us picks of yours if you make it!