Monday, July 30, 2012

Wax Resist Card

This is perfect if you want to make something cool yet be able to do it  in 5 minutes... This is also great for the young ones to do as a card for grandma or maybe just for a craft. There is soo much you can do with this and can take it up to so  many levels. I am no artist. I cannot draw to save my life. This is why I craft and do pottery....

Moving on:

You will need:
-A white crayon
-Paper (preferably watercolor paper)
-Watercolor paint

Step 1) Cut (or rip) your paper to the desired size. Also consider available envelopes so send off letters as you cut the paper.

Step2) Begin drawing with the white crayon. You may need to look at the paper from different angles in order to actually see what you are drawing. (Ignore the swimsuit, we made this by the pool)

Step 3) Pick out your colors and paint away!

Step 4) Let it dry. Now if the paper was too thin, you may not write on the other side, just take another paper and cut it to the right size. Then use a glue stick to attach it!

Step 5) Write your heart out to Grandma!

My little buddy Nikki made this one!

Here is a couple others I made to get you inspired...

Now for some craft talk!  Craft wars... what do you think about that one? I think its interesting and my friend wants us to go on it, however the judges are waaayyy to harsh for the amount of time the contestants are given.  I would not stand up well under that kind of pressure! Other than that I think as a crafting community, we should support it as much as we can!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dog Gate

My mom and my sister looooovvvveee my dog. Me and my dad... not so much. He poops and pees in the living room and we have a DOG DOOR! Why not just go out side? Anyway my dad and I got sick of it so we decided to buy a fence. Well, those run about $80 to $120. No way were we gonna pay that so for about $40, we were able to make our own buying all new supplies at Lowes. If you are really resourceful about it, you may be able to make it even cheaper!\

-Plastic Lattice
-Cap Strip for the lattice
-2 Steel Angle brackets (The heavier the better)
- Bolts:
        Use 8 - 10-24X1
        Use 4- 10-24X3/4
- Hack Saw
- Drill
- Ruler

Step 1: Measure the width of the space you want to gate off. Time for MATH!
              - Subract 2 inches and that will be the size of the Lattice
              - The Cap strip needs to be 1/2in longer then the Lattice X2
              - The side cap strips can be determined by just eyeing it and marking it out. X2

Once you calculate the correct sizes for your space, cut them out using a hack saw!

Step 2:  Place cap strips on all sides of the lattice and zip tie them so they will stay in place to make the bolting easier.
Step 3: Drill holes about 3 inches from the ends in each cap strip. Then install the bolts. You will be using the longer bolts (10-24X1) for this step as to get through the 3 layers of plastic.

Step 4: You may now cut off the zip ties...

Step 5: Measure and mark where you want your heavy angle brackets. The design we came up with requires one bracket on each side about 4 inches from the edge.

Step 6: Drill the holes and install the smaller bolts (10-24X3/4). Use washers to spread the force out so that the plastic doesn't crack!

Now your done! No more dog going through my bedroom trash cans!! 

Heres what ours turned out to look like.