Friday, June 8, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

How to make Melted Crayon Art

This project did not turn out how I expected. However, it looks cool, I assumed the melting would take 5 minutes...well it took an hour. AN HOUR of sitting there and holding a blow dryer. Even then I wasn't satisfied.

Well let me start from the beginning...

1.) First you begin with picking out the colors you want and arranging them in the pattern that you want
* This is where my first mistake, orange looks TERRIBLE next to grey and black

2.) First unwrap them. Just trust me on this one. Now glue them down with hot glue. DO NOT TAPE THEM, trust me it won't end up well!

3.) Now begins the tedious part, lay your newspaper down and turn on your blow dryer. Put it close to the crayons so they can get the full heat.
* Note: Melt on low a low setting.

4.) Now sit there for an hour and blow dry that baby!!! Here's pictures of me doing step 4!!!

See what I mean about how orange and black look bad together :/

Once you melt all the crayons you should be done. But I hated mine, I was super disappointed with how it turned out:

So You can blow dry more so all the crayon melts all over the white, or you can stop right here like I did because I hated the colors and you can fix it :D

So here's what I did to fix it:

1.) Pick your crayons then take them OUT of their wrappers. 

2.) Glue them on top of the wrappers that were their before.

3.) Blow dry
* This went by sooo much faster then with the wrappers on!

Here's how mine turned out!

So method worked, so if you do screw up then there is still hope!!!

Send us a picture of what you made by adding it to the forum! There is a link to it in the top right corner of the site!

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