Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Nice to meet you! Our names are Harriet McDonald and Megan Schley. We are trying to write a craft book right now, and in doing so, we have and are going to be making hundreds of tutorials and most of which we may not use in the book, so instead of wasting out time... We are going to put them here!

     A little bit more about us: We are currently in college and LOVE making crafts and doing art. Harriet loves to dance and myself (Megan), well I love to do pottery and screen printing. We both are really big on making things ourselves, trying to be as original as possible, and FUNCTIONALITY is really big for us.  Oh yeah, one more thing, we have no money, so most of our tutorials will be really cheap projects with supplies that we already have or that are free!! 

     We love Michael's and Joann's!! Our favorite store, we spend all of our paychecks there! Etsy is a godsend, I (Megan) have a shop and I am trying to convince Harriet to get one. She paints shoes and they look amazing! 

   Anyway, fashion is a good goal for a lot of our crafts. Urban outfitters and Anthropology are some really big inspirations for us. 

Some tutorials coming up this month are:
-Sea Glass Headband
-Plaster of Paris Mask
-more coming!

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