Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sandy Mask

   Sandy Mask

    A long time ago my mom showed me this craft when I was younger and we did it at the beach and used shells, pebbles, sea weed, and sea glass! This is a fun craft to do when your on a budget, all you need to buy is the Plaster of Paris and then use what nature can supply you. I did this with my boyfriends little sister and we had a ball talking a hike and finding different colored pebbles and sticks for the eyebrows! I wanted mine to look beachy with shells and colorful hair, so I used a lot of shells and pebbles as decoration. 

Sand mask
-          Plaster of Paris
-          Water
-          Shells, sea glass, pebbles, sticks, anything to decorate
-          Soft sand that does not have any pebbles in it. Go the beach!!!

      Step one: Start by making a indent in the sand, this will be the size of your mask so keep in mind depth and width
     Step 2: Decorate with rocks, shells, sticks, seaweed, grasses, anything you can think of. Flowers would probably not work because they will die, wilt, and the color would not keep.

NOTE: This is the underside of the mask. It is facing AWAY from us so place objects facing the ground ( SEE the shell at the top.)

Step 3: Mix up the plaster of paris with the correct amount of water. ( It will say on back, mine was 2 parts paris one part water). Make sure its smooth and not chunky! 

Step 4: Carefully, and I mean CAREFULLY pour the plaster of Paris on.  We used small shells so It we poured it on too fast, it would ruin some of our designs.  

Step 5: Pour until it’s as thick and big as you like it. Smooth out and try and make the mask as round as possible (or any shape you want). 

d   Step 6: Now take the 2in wire and bend it. Push it into the plaster at an angle so it won’t poke through to the front. This will be to hang the mask once it is done.
NOTE: Make sure the wire is strong enough.

Let it sit for a couple hours and then pull it up. Here was my first try.

It looks bad because:
-          It was in sand that was not uniformed but filled with pebbles.
-          I didn’t make it perfectly round
-          I made the outside too large

My lips are disproportionate : /

Going for a second try at the beach soon, I will post pictures as soon as I can! 

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