Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butterfly Enclosure

The only memory of my 1st grade year was watching caterpillars turn into butterflies through metamorphism. My teacher had this net enclosure which we could watch the caterpillars grow as they each massive amounts of leaves.  My goal this week was to recreate those memories and make a butterfly enclosure out of mesh and metal rings! I want to collect the annoying caterpillars that eat my veggies growing in my garden and throw them into my butterfly chamber. Once they morph I will be able to see which butterfly to be annoyed with!! Oh and also have a cute garden accessory!

So head over to you closest Joann's or nearest fabric store and BRING THOSE COUPONS!! I have saved so much money using coupons! Every Sunday here we get 40 to 50% off coupons to Joanns and Michaels so save them and USE them!

-1 Yard of Tulle
-Embroidery Floss

Step One: Figure out how large or small you want your enclosure to be.  Mine was a foot so I measured and  marked the lines in the middle of the mesh. In the picture you can kind of see them.

Step Two: Take the embroidery thread and a needle and lay the hoop on the line. Sew one stitch through the tulle then tie each side of the stitch around the hoop.
Step Three: Now make knots that attach the tulle to the loop along the drawn line that you made. Don't worry if it is bunched up, you can just pull it into place once your done tieing.
Step Four: The last knot along the hoop should be through both ends of the tulle. So you are sewing through 2 layers of the tulle. This will keep the enclosure together. 
(The mesh was thin so it was hard to get a good defined picture of what exactly I was doing!)
Step Five: Now attach the other loop to the other line with the same method as steps 2-4. 
Step Six:  Now collect the excess tulle at the bottom and tie it up tightly with extra embroidery floss. Do the same with the top and this is what it looks like:

Step Seven: Now in the middle of the opening, tie two strings so you can tie it shut then open it later and put leaves and caterpillars in. 

Step Eight:  Now tie a string to the top and cut whatever excess you don't want off and your done!

Here's mine!!
I'll have another picture with my leaves and pillars soon!!!

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Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or something isn't clear, let us know so we can fix it!

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