Monday, November 12, 2012

Leather Pouch Necklace

Christmas is coming up :O. Time to start getting ready! I promised myself I wouldn't get myself neck deep in presents 2 days before Christmas like last year. So this year i'm starting early. Mid November is a decent time to do this soo here is my tutorial for a simple gift. Jewelry is always a good thing to give away so we will start with that. I have this pouch tutorial and I made some bracelets for another friend and Ill post the link to that soon! Ok, well here we go!

-Leather Scraps
-5.5 ft of Leather String
-Small sharp scissors

Step One: 
Begin by cutting 2 pouch shapes out of the leather.

Step Two: 
Place them together with the good sides out and start by making a hole in the top corner with the little scissors. Puncture both sides in the same place.

Step Three: 
Thread the string through and pull until you have about a foot and a half left. That will be used to tie around the neck.

Step Four: 
Make a second set of holes, bring the string from the back and thread it through the front first, this will make it look woven. This is called Overcasting. You can google that if you still cant figure it out.

Step Five: 
Continue to make holes and thread the string through until you reach the top other corner.

Step Six:
Simply make a knot at the length you want your necklace to be.

GIFT IDEA: Place a gift card inside then wrap it up and give it to your buddy!

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