Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sea Glass Headband

Here is a good project if you go to the beach at low tide and collect some sea glass! I was in Laguna Beach with my buddies a while ago and picked up all this and more and I'm finally able to use it!! Its quite easy, there is a part where you need to sew and a sewing machine is the best way to go about it, but by hand works just as well! Anyways, let me know if you make it!!

-Sea glass
- A ribbon about the diameter of your head plus an inch
-A small hair bungee (hair band)

Step One: Start in the middle of the ribbon. Place a small dot of glue on the chosen sea glass and place onto the ribbon.

Step Two: Pick another piece that will fit next to it. Try a couple before you glue it on. Once you find the right one, dab a dot on and place it onto the ribbon. (I decided to go for a mosaic look).
Step Three: Make sure they don't touch or else you wont be able to bend the ribbon at all!!

Step Four: Continue testing and gluing on sea glass. I had 3 different colors and I tried to space them out as well as I could, so keep color in mind!

Step Five: Keep adding sea glass until you have about 5 inches left on each side.

Step Six: Fold 1/4 in of the end of the ribbon down. Fold again and sew. This will keep the ribbon from fraying.
Folded again then sewn:

Step Seven: Guide one side through the hair bungee and sew it back onto the ribbon (it was about 1 in on mine). Sew multiple times so it is strong and wont come undone!

Step Eight: Now this parts a little tricky. We are going to repeat step 6 but now taking in mind the elasticity on our head. Put the remaining ribbon through the bungee and hold it as you try it on. Adjust until you have a good elasticity. Then sew!

Once sewn it should look like this:

Now your done! Wear it to work, the beach, school, anywhere and everywhere, just go show it off!!!


  1. I love it. I made a necklace and some earings with sea glass and it looks so pretty, especially in the evening sun light. you should check them out. I've posted pictures on my blog..