Monday, June 11, 2012

TP Roll Flower

This is such a good project when you want to recycle toilet paper rolls! I always feel bad throwing them away because I remember the good old days in kindergarten when I would use them for all sorts of crafts! By the way, you could use paper towel rolls as well because they are the same diameter and thickness so its perfect! So as I have said in posts before, save your rolls, go bug your friends, make a post on facebook, twitter, Google+, and do everything you can to get enough rolls for this because it takes ALOT!

-Toilet paper and Paper towel rolls
-A little stapler
-Tons of staples
-Spray Paint

Step 1) Begin by flattening the roll and then cutting it into 1 in segments.

Step 2) Start by stapling 2 of the rolls together near the point.

Step 3) Continue to staple more petals to it until you have a simple flower shape. This should take about 6 or 7 rolls.

Step 4) Now, start adding on rolls where the main rolls meet. Staple to main rolls.

Step 5) Continue to add rolls where it looks bare until you run out. Then go bug your friends for more and keep adding on! You will seriously be surprised by how much you use!!

Step 6) Once you have the desired size and shape, lay a sheet down and spray paint with your base layer.

OPTIONAL Step 7) Now you can take another color and spray it in the middle as to make it look like the middle of a flower. (I used metallic silver which I didn't think would need another color).

After this you can be done. Just hang up and begin celebrating spring in a crafty style!!!


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