Monday, June 11, 2012

Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes

Here is a quick tutorial Harriet made! Im sure you all have seen galaxy everything by now, and also maybe seen the price of those clothes (Usually 60 to 100+ Dollars ). Anyway, you can make some for about 7$!! Once you make them, post a picture of them in the forums! The link is in the top right corner! We would love to see all of your versions!

Here you go :)

1. You need a pair of black shoes I got mine from rite aid for about $7

 2. You will need turquoise, purple, white, black, and yellow acrylic paint

3. First use a sponge ( I used a makeup one) and dip it in the purple and white paint. Sponge it in patches around the entire shoe.

4. Repeat the same step except with turquoise.

5. Get a paint brush and splatter white all over for stars. Then do the same with yellow.

 6. I decided to sponge more black on

7. Lastly I hand painted little tiny white dots and crosses for extra stars and then you’re all done!!

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